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Texting and Driving

Our cell phones have become a big part of our lives. texting while driving, or even worse when they are talking on the phone and driving. What are the facts and law about texting and driving? This is everything you need to know before you are texting again, while you are behind the wheel of your car.

On a personal level, I have seen texting and driving many times. Everytime i drive anywhere, i can see someone looking down at their phone instead of the road. It is almost turned into an epidemic. School your teenagaers and take heed. I think the issue of texting while driving will only get worse.

Statistics of texting and driving

Half of the car accidents in the US have phone involved, either by texting and driving, or taking phone calls.

It is shocking when you are looking at the statistics of using a phone while driving. Many people think that the government is overreacting to the new laws about texting or phoning while driving. The moment that you see these statistics, you will understand that this is becoming a serious problem and that there are so many people getting injured or die because of using their phones while they are driving:

  • There are about 1.6 million accidents each year that were caused by cell phone usage. This is according to the national safety council. Over half of car accidents in the united states involved cell phones.
  • 330,000 car accidents were reported during 2017, because of car accidents where cell phones were used while driving. Of those car accidents, 421,000 people were injured.
  • One out of every four car accidents were caused by using a cell phone while driving. This makes it one of the most common causes of accidents in the USA.
  • It is six times more likely that you might be in a car accident because of texting and driving, than getting into a car accident because of a drunk driver. This is scary to think about
  • Texting is the most dangerous activity on your phone that you can do while driving.
  • You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident because of texting and driving
  • 10% of adults carry on a conversation by text while they are driving a car

Texting and Driving  statistics on Teenagers

Teenage Car accidents from texting and driving or cell phone usage are very alarming. About 82% of teenagers own a cell phone, and they use it.

  • Texting and driving kills 11 teens each day
  • 21% of teenagers who died in a car accident were using a cell phone
  • 32% of tenagers text and drive
  • 52% talk on the phone while they are operating a car or truck
  • 25% respond to a text while driving everytime they are operating a vehicle
  • 400% higher chance of being involved in car wreck while texting and driving
  • 20% have conversations by text while driving

Why is it dangerous to text and drive?

There are three main reasons why it is so dangerous to text and drive. And, this the part that so many people don’t understand. They think that the rules about texting are ridiculous, until they are in a car accident. These are the three main reasons why it is so dangerous to text while you are driving.

You don’t concentrate on the road anymore

Your mind is with the text that you need to answer. And, if this is a text that can cause trauma or get angry, it is more likely that your concentration is going to be with the text and not with driving safely.

Your hand isn’t on the steering wheel

The moment that you are starting to text back, your hand isn’t on the steering wheel anymore. This can mean that you can’t react fast when you are in danger of causing an accident. You can lose control of your vehicle a lot faster, and you will be more likely to cause a car accident because of it.

Your eyes are not on the Road

• The last and most important reason is that you are taking your eyes off the road. The most dangerous thing that you can do. You need to look what you are texting. And, no matter how good you are at texting, you are going to take your eyes off the road. Even, just a second can cause a huge accident with fatalities or serious injuries.

When you are talking and driving, your eyes are on the road, but your mind and concentration isn’t on the road. And, you will not have both hands on the steering wheel. The one hand is holding your phone.

Does this mean that talking on your phone and driving is safer?

When you are looking at the statistics, and you see that texting and car accidents are so serious, does that mean that you can talk on your phone and drive? No, this doesn’t mean that talking on your phone while driving is any safer. You are still not focussing on the road and other road users. You are still going to take your eyes off the road to see who is calling and to answer the phone.

This is why you are getting hands-free device that you can install in your vehicle. It is preventing you from looking away or for taking your hands off the steering wheel. This can be something that can save lives.

What is the law saying?

There are many rules and regulations about texting and driving in the US. It is illegal to text and drive, or even to talk on the phone without a hands-free device while you are driving. In some states, it is illegal for teens younger than 17 to drive with a hands-free device. Even, if this means that they will have their eyes on the road. Texting and driving is a criminal offense and most states are taking this seriously. Especially, if you have caused an accident while texting and driving, and someone has died or is seriously injured because of you.

We just bought a new vehicle not too long ago. Before we left the dealer, the salesman had to connect and explain all the bluetooth features of the vehicle. Vehicles that are manufactured now have to come with bluetooth and be hands free. I was told, don’t know if this is true, that every salesman or woman has to explain the bluetooth features on any car or truck they sell and connect a device before the car leaves the lot.

Laws to vary from state to state concerning use of cell phones and driving, so this is not definitive to just one state.

What is going to happen when you are in an accident that was caused by using a cell phone?

There are a couple of things that can happen when you are in an accident that was caused by using a phone. You need to get the right amount of evidence, that the person used their phones while they were driving. Because this is their fault, it is also their responsibility to repair the vehicle and to pay for any medical bills because of the injuries caused by the  car accident. Your license can even be taken away, and you will not be able to drive for between 6 and 18 months. Depending on the seriousness of the car accident.

Making it safer to use your phone while driving

It is important to know how you can make it safer to use your phone while you are operating a car or truck. If you are afraid that you are going to get a text, you can switch off your phone, or put it into silent mode. If you don’t know that you received a text or phone call, you will not be influenced to answer and to risk your life and the life of all the other road users. It is best to have a hands-free device that will make sure that you are able to talk to the person without taking their eyes off the road and to ensure that there isn’t any car accident caused by any form of texting.

Texting and driving. We are getting warnings all the time about doing this. This is serious and you should never, ever answer or text on your phone while you are operating a vehicle. This is going to give you a lot of problems and heartache. Leaving your text until you have parked your car might mean the difference between life and death.

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Why are some people afraid to see a doctor after a car accident

This might really sound strange, but there are people that are afraid to go see a car accident doctor after a crash. Especially, if they had delayed injuries and doesn’t really know if they are seriously injured or not. You might be one of them that are really afraid to see a doctor after a car wreck. Here are some reasons why people are afraid to go see an auto accident doctor and some information that might help you if you are struggling with the decision to see a doctor immediately.

Most people don’t know the accident doctor

Going to the doctor is always nerve wrecking. Especially, for people that don’t like a stranger to feel on their bodies and to ask to intimidate questions. And, when they need to go see an accident doctor that is truly a stranger, they are freaking out and leaving it for later. Later becomes never.

We are use to the family physician that we are seeing for our health issues. And, when you were in a car accident, this is the last thing that you can do. Then you need to see an accident doctor. A stranger that doesn’t know anything about you, and you don’t anything about him. Making people panic and cause them to live with the pain instead of going to the doctor.

They are afraid of how serious the injury might be

You know that there is something wrong with you. You feel it in the headaches, stomach ache or any other problem that you might have because of the injury. And, because we are always hearing about how serious these injuries might be, we don’t want to hear that our health is in jeopardy.

So, they rather leave it alone and hope that the injuries will disappear. Something that might end up a stupid decision. A delaying injury that is left untreated is going to come back and is going to give you problems for a long time. It is always better to get the right treatment really fast.

Some people were in a serious accident before and they know how serious an injury can be

The other reason why people are afraid to see an accident doctor is that they were in a serious car accident before. And, they know that they might have the same injury again that were serious the last time. This can make people freak out and not go to the accident doctor in the first place.

We might think that because they have experience in an accident and how serious an accident injury can be, that they are those that are going to an accident doctor immediately. But, the one thing that we are all forgetting, is that trauma can make us not think logically and is only considering the fact that they don’t want the same trauma as the previous time.

Know that the accident doctor is on your side

It is important to know that the accident doctor is on your side. That you are going to someone that is really understanding how you are feeling and that will be able to assist you with all your questions and fears.

Even, if this is something that you have never met, the person is taking your injuries very seriously and he knows that you are traumatized and scared. They are on your side and assist you in any way that they can. And, if you aren’t afraid of them, you will be a lot more comfortable and you will get over this trauma a lot faster. Don’t underestimate the understanding that an accident doctor has for you, a victim of a car wreck.

It is always better to know than to wonder

Just think about it. You are stressing the whole day, about the injury and pain you are feeling, not knowing what might be wrong. During this time, you could start to recover from the accident, relax and know that you aren’t that seriously injured. But, the only way that you can know this, is if you are going to an accident doctor for a serious checkup.

IT might be sounding strange, but it is always better to know what you are dealing with, then not to know and to wonder for days. And, at the end of the day, the injury wasn’t serious at all. If the injury ends up serious, you will have the reassurance that you are in good hands and that you will be able to recover in no time.

The sooner you are going, the less serious it might be

Something to consider is if you have a serious injury that you don’t know about it, you can’t do anything about it. Meaning, the injury might just get more serious and even life-threatening.  The sooner you are going to the accident doctor, the sooner the treatment can start.

And, the better chance you have on surviving the serious injury that you might have. There are some delayed injuries that can cause death if you don’t get it treated as fast as possible. One of these injuries is internal bleeding. It can be hard to face the fact that you were in a car accident and that you might have a delayed injury that might be serious. But, the only way to get better and to forget about the accident is to get assistance from an accident doctor as soon as possible.

Yes, believe it or not. There are many people that are too afraid to go see an accident doctor after an car wreck. There are many reasons for it, and it is understandable if you are considering the amount of trauma that they are going through. This is why it is important to make sure that you consider all your facts, the pros, and cons of going to an accident doctor before you Check over here decide to stay away. You just might save your own life, or prevent a serious injury from getting worse. It might be hard, but this is the only way to make sure that you are fine and that you will be able to recover mentally and physically.

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Where to visit get checked out after an automobile unfortunate incident

If you have actually been associated with auto accident, the first thing you must do is to get checked out by a qualified medical professional. Looking for immediate treatment will assist you understand if your injuries are major or small. Moreover, delays in treatment could be utilized versus you by the insurer, and might lead to additional discomfort and suffering. Not to mention, in states that supply PIP protection, if you wait too long to see a doctor, you might find yourself paying for the medical costs.

Paperwork is your finest defense after a cars and truck mishap. We advise taking pictures of everything at the scene of the cars and truck wreck, and ensure to get a copy of the mishap report. You can not have excessive paperwork. After all, your accident claim will be largely determined by the level of your injuries and the treatment required.

Should I go to the ER after my accident?

You ought to get had a look at by a medical professional instantly following any bus, bike, slip and fall or automobile accident. If you can not discover a great mishap physician in your location, then you may need to go to the Emergency Room. Going to Emergency Room may appear like a waste of time to some individuals. However, the ER is well geared up to identify extreme injuries utilizing X-Ray, MRI, CT scans and other imaging. More importantly, the ER will record your injuries to assist satisfy the insurance provider and assist support your injury claim.

Make sure to inform the ER that your injuries are because of a vehicle mishap. There have been some cases where the victim did not let the physician understand how they were hurt. Vehicle accident cases utilize what is called third party billing which includes car insurance, PIP, Medication Pay, No Fault and letters of security from an injury lawyer. Whereas, most ER Doctors will frequently deal with both mishap and non-accident clients.

How soon should I get checked out after my car accident?

Many PIP states have a maximum time frame for receiving treatment after a major accident. We normally recommend looking for medical care within 72 hours both to prevent extra injuries however likewise to help support your personal injury claim. The insurance provider will watch those first couple of weeks closely to see if you seek treatment. Patients who do not look for treatment after a vehicle accident are generally not seriously hurt, and for that reason do not need extensive treatment.

Remember that lots of patients will postpone treatment in the hopes that their injuries will just go away with time, rest and a few painkiller. Nevertheless, this belief is most likely false as many accident injuries are considered soft tissue damage. Whiplash and numerous soft tissue injuries can take a number of days or even weeks to feel, and can lead to long-term pain if not correctly dealt with. Delays and spaces in treatment put your health and healing at risk, and might damage your injury case.

Should I get a lawyer prior to looking for healthcare after my car mishap?

Many states will require you to use an attorney after any car mishap. Non-PIP states generally require a Letter of Protection to spend for medical expenses. A LOP basically guarantees payment for any medical services provided. Payments will take place when a settlement is reached on your accident case, which is frequently managed by an Injury Lawyer. A LOP can be deemed a lien that the Doctor holds versus a portion of the settlement funds received for the accident.

In general, we advise asking your Medical professional about the pros and cons of using a lawyer after any auto accident. Every state varies for injury claims, and your Physician will assist you distinguish between an excellent and bad attorney. Moreover, your Medical professional and attorney will collaborate throughout the case. Having a good relationship between your Doctor and attorney can assist accelerate your case.

Should I still look for treatment if I don't feel discomfort?

The basic response is YES! You need to seek immediate healthcare after any accident for numerous factors. One, your body is in a weakened state after any mishap. This makes you vulnerable to extra injuries and permanent damage if not correctly dealt with. 2, documentation is vital to any accident to help please the insurance company and to help support your personal injury claim.

Additionally, whiplash and numerous other accident injuries are considered soft tissue damage. Soft tissue injuries can take days and even weeks or feel, and can cause long-term damage if left without treatment. Appropriate treatment and paperwork of your injuries is the very best method to speed up your recovery while supporting your injury claim.

Common signs after a vehicle accident might be:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Tingling feeling
  • Numbness
  • Headaches
  • Trouble focusing
  • Tension
  • Convulsions
  • Shoulder Discomfort
  • Arm Pain
  • Lightheadedness
  • Leg Pain
  • Problem Sleeping
  • Sprains
  • Pressures contusions (bruising).
  • Depression.
  • Muscle Weakness.
  • Ask the Medical professional Questions before getting had a look at.

    When first getting had a look at for a vehicle accident, make certain that the Medical professional accepts 3rd party billing before accepting treatment. As discussed, 3rd party billing is a typically utilized term to describe all accident payment choices. Numerous Medical professionals, including most family PCPs, will not accept 3rd party billing for treatment.

    Next, assume that your Physician knows nothing and ask questions. Knowing is much better than not. Every accident is various and lots of injuries require customized healthcare. We see people who shy away from asking questions or explaining their medical and discomfort requirements. Clients usually think that physicians are unapproachable, which could not be more incorrect. Doctors exist to help and would happily welcome any questions you have.

    You can never ask too many concerns when you have a vehicle associated injury. Be informed about Get more info the medical decisions. Ensure that everything is correct. We see a lot of gaps in treatment and people who don't follow the doctor's suggestions. Delays and gaps in treatment might end up costing your cash in the long-lasting. See a medical professional ASAP if you have been harmed in a cars and truck accident. If we do not have actually a doctor noted in your area, Contact us.

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    Vehicle Accident Medical Doctor

    An auto accident medical physician after you have actually been hurt in a cars and truck mishap is very important. Many individuals might think they are great after an automobile wreck and never look for care, days or weeks later on they may begin feeling the impacts and signs of an injury suffered in a car wreck. Who do you go see for treatment after a cars and truck accident?

    Getting treatment after an automobile mishap can be rather an obstacle. You could go see your PCP. Your PCP might or may not deal with auto accident injuries. Moreover, they may desire money up front and even decline to see you. Vehicle mishaps can cause injuries that PCP's do not treat daily.

    Depending upon where you live, you might find yourself being turned down at every workplace. Sometimes, they want you to pay as you go or require payment up front. What do you do then? We work with auto accident medical Doctors all around the United States that treat Injury. In many areas, this is all they do. If you need a car wreck medical doctor or treatment after a crash, contact us.

    Injuries you could sustain:

    • Brain injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Headaches
    • Neck discomfort
    • Pain in the back
    • Leg, Arm, & hand injuries
    • Numbness and Tingling feeling
    • After the Mishap

      Call EMs if needed

      Do you, or your travelers need immediate medical assistance. Make sure to examine the other motorists and passenger sof the cars and trucks involved as well.

      Call the police

      After you have been associated with a car wreck, you wish to make certain to call the police. In many cases mishap clients have did not call the police or getting a police report. If you ever do this, and the at fault celebration does not confess fault to their insurer, you might find the insurer rejecting your claim.

      See an Automobile mishap medical doctor

      After your crash, you need to see an automobile mishap medical physician. And, there are a number of factors for this

      1-It can be identified if you have actually concealed injuries

      2-You can begin treatment right away, and eliminate long term injuries

      3-Your paperwork for your injury

      4-You entirely get rid of any gap in treatment

      I've been to the medical facility, now what?

      So you went to ER, they might have done some X RAYS or a CT SCAN. They may have launched you with painkillers and muscle relaxers. After a couple of days you still are in pain. However, the insurance company informs you not to stress and they will take care of everything including your medical costs. The reality it is more than likely if you live in a non pip state they won't look after your medical bills. You need to seek healthcare ASAP. In some states you have a time limit for which you can seek medical attention and have the insurance provider pay for it.

      You must seek medical care instantly

      Medical care is important immediately following an automobile accident. You may not feel hurt now, but later, you may feel pain and pain. Injuries sometimes have a hold-up beginning of pain. Adrenaline might be the cause of this. Insurer take a look at medical records, and seeing your very first treatment date is 2 weeks after a cars and truck mishap does not want to excellent. Prevent a space in medical care by seeing the medical professional first, and seeing them right away.

      Follow the Doctors advice and directions

      Now that you are receiving the correct treatment, it's also important to do what the doctor informs you to do. Following the doctors guidance is very important. Patients who do not follow the doctors guidance often discover that they have endangered their injury claim. When the physician provides you his guidance and directions, you need to follow it to the letter. Some physicians have deals with countless car injury claims, they are injury specialist and understand exactly what they are doing. Follow the doctors advice Go here for the very best possible outcome of your personal injury case

      How you will pay for your medical physician treatment

      Medication Pay or Medical Payments

      One way you can get treatment after a car or truck mishap is through med pay. Med pay will pay for your auto mishap doctors gos to and physical therapy. Med pay is acquired through your vehicle insurance company. The benefits of having actually med pay far surpass the cost. Talk to your agent to learn if you have actually med pay and if you do not, discover how much it cost. Finding a medical doctor who accepts med pay would be your only difficulty. Every medical professional noted on accident doctor accepts med pay. If you can not discover one in your area, please contact us and we will find one for you.

      Pip or Accident protection

      If you reside in a state that has personal injury defense, you can get medical treatment after your automobile accident immediately. Most of the times Pip ends up being the primary insurance coverage for a mishap associated injury. This does not mean that every medical doctor accepts it. Most medical physicians that specialize in vehicle associated injuries accept pip and will even file it for you. Accident security was designed for more than simply treatment. Learn more about Pip

      Medical Liens

      Medical liens are another example of how to receive medical treatment after a car accident. Most medical care physicians will not deal with a medical lien. This is why you here so typically that your PCP will not see you after an accident. They won't do 3rd party billing. Not all medical physicians who concentrate on car related injuries will deal with a medical lien. Medical liens permit you to get treatment for your injuries and don't need you to have to pay of pocket expense. The vehicle mishap medical doctor is working with you just as an attorney would. The automobile injury physician will get paid, he simply earns money when your injury case is settled.

      Medical care after a car wreck

      If you require a medical doctor that can offer you with want you have actually been hurt, you can call us. If we do not have a service provider listed in your area, we will do our best to find you one. It's extremely important to look for care if you are injured. If you wait too long to see an auto mishap medical physician, you may lose the ability to have the insurance company spend for it.

      Attorneys often refer to this as space in treatment. And a big space makes it appear like you are not hurt. Who you see for treatment is up to you, there are plenty of resources available to you to help you find a car mishap medical physician that will treat on a lien or lop. Contact us if you require help finding somebody who can supply you care after your mishap injury.

      Discovering the ideal vehicle accident medical doctor

      Discovering medical physician after a vehicle accident can be hard if you don't know where to look. You might ask family and friends for any suggestion that they have for a doctor that can deal with auto injuries. Your attorney, if you have one, may give you a list of auto accident medical doctors that can supply you treatment.

      However, you can find a vehicle mishap medical physician on our website that deals with car related injuries. You may seek chiropractic care after an automobile mishap. Chiropractic care is the primary option for treatment after you have suffered a vehicle wreck. Most patients require soft tissue injury rehabilitation. In addition, this is what chiropractic doctors do.




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